Whew – AM edition

Just finished packing and loading everything in the car. Mental note – stop putting this part off until the last minute!

Will be a little late for work … forgot to call in and just got a call from the boss, but at least she didn’t sound mad.

Comic is all queued up and ready to go for tomorrow. (Although anyone who reads via MySpace will have to wait because I still have to do that manually and I don’t want to post it there ahead of schedule. Multi-million dollar company and they can’t incorporate RSS into their blogs???)

Hopefully will have wi-fi at the hotel tonight because airports are usually too busy for me to bother getting my laptop out there, but we’ll see. I do have a lot of work to do, but whether it will actually get done or just wait until Tuesday is still to be forseen.

Last night Sara talked me into getting a pedicure. Still waiting to find out if I’m officially gay or not, but either way it was a good time for both feet involved. Hmmmm…

Will be in Michigan about twelve hours from now, and Northern Michigan another fourteen or so from then. Should be fun!

And lastly, was just reminded today that Snakes on a Plane opens tomorrow. I might drag Lori and Ray to go see it with us, if Gaylord’s theater won’t be completely packed. It’s on, biatch!

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