anniversary teaser photos…

We just got back this evening and it’s certainly going to take some time to go through all of our photos, as we took 608 between the two of us, but I have looked through all of them and wanted to upload a few of my favorites for those of you who are curious.

Just for the record, we both had a truly amazing time and were already planning our next trip on the ride home for just as soon as we can get this one paid off! I, myself, am still a little high from the experience as I write this and couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate the last six months with such a wonderful companion. Aside from a few glitches here and there that you just have to sort of take in stride, I think we both pretty much got to do everything that we had wanted to do and we definitely made lots of great memories along the way.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing up a new travelogue of sorts to chronicle the journey for, including everything from our Japanese dining experience at the Teppanyaki Dining Room at Epcot, our findings from the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, and of course, plenty of pictures and stories from our stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It really was cool!

the roses I bought Sara, plus our gifts to each other and a bit of bubbly to wash it all down

a gathering of giraffes that Sara caught on film Sunday morning whilest waiting for room service
(We stayed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and had a view of the savannah from our room!)

probably the best fireworks picture I’ve ever taken
(Taken Sunday night during HalloWishes, which sucked because we didn’t expect it and wanted to see regular Wishes, but…)

a toast to our 6-month celebration

Sara and I, and also Walt and Mickey

Man, I so don’t want to go back to work tomorrow…


  1. Not necessarily – we didn’t! We were actually celebrating our six-month anniversary of just being together (dating), but pretty much everyone we told assumed we were married. Maybe we can start a new trend…

  2. Thank-you!

    And ironically, I thought the wine actually tasted pretty horrible. I’m not a wine person in the very least – I just picked up a bottle because Sara likes wine from time to time and I thought it would be nice for the occasion. My searching criteria pretty much went, “This bottle looks neat because it’s blue, and it also has the word FISH on it. Sara likes fish, I like fish – good enough!” So no wine connoisseur in this corner…

    Sub Note: We did happen to find one wine that I actually really liked out of the half a dozen or so that we sampled at the Food & Wine Festival over the weekend, though. It was some sort of raspberry wine from Poland that I’d buy again if I can only find it. Really, it has to not taste anything like wine for me to like it – this one more closely resembled a fruit juice and was sweet as opposed to the bitter that most wine I taste seems to end up being.

  3. Wow – I’m such a dork…

    Completely unintentional, but I just noticed a hidden Mickey in the 4th picture – the bases of the wine glasses make the ears over the pin which is the head.

    I think I need to go for a walk or something…

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