“Be it real, or be it underminded…”

So yeah, to follow-up on my last post, I finally heard from her today…

It turns out that I was all concerned for nothing because she was fine – so fine, in fact, that she’d gone out and met someone else over the weekend and just hadn’t gotten around to telling me about it yet. Classy, eh?

Now like I said before, we weren’t technically even dating yet or anything – we went out once and had been talking pretty much every day for the past two weeks, but I don’t know, I guess I just don’t work like that. How can you honestly say that you’re giving somebody a chance if you’re always keeping an eye out to see if someone better happens to come along? Maybe the concept of “casual dating” is just foreign to me, but if I’m considering a relationship with someone, I don’t move on to the next person until I’ve made a decision one way or the other on Girl #1.

Then again, my options are limited and I’ve never actually had two girls interested in me at the same time…at least not that I know of…so perhaps that’s a clue right there… 😛

It’s kinda weird because I don’t think I’m even mad at her at this point – I’m just disappointed … to spend so much time talking about honesty and trust and the foundations of a good relationship, only to come back from a weekend vacation to find that she had managed to find someone else in a matter of three days is a bit insulting to the desired end result of a serious, committed relationship, if you ask me. Also, to have put off telling me as much as she did makes me wonder what weights the other things that we talked about truly had – I thought we were really having some good conversations, but is a chat session about monogamy really worth its salt if you’re having it with three different guys at the same time??? It’s just hard to learn that while I spent my weekend looking forward to sharing the pictures and stories of my vacation with her, she, errr, was doing other things instead…

I had a good chat with a friend at work today, but I think I’m sticking to my guns on this one – you only get out of something what you put into it, so if you want to approach dating with the mindset that the grass might be greener on the other side, although you may see a lot of scenery during your travels, you’ll never give the flowers beneath your feet enough time to bloom. I, myself, prefer to stick things out and entertain the challenges that surface as two people get to know each other, and albeit it can be lonely during the down times like this because not many others share my view, there have been a couple of gems along the way that have made it worthwhile.

You can’t dig for diamonds without the risk of getting hurt, and yet here I am, still digging…


  1. See you’re like on the opposite side of the fence as me. I’m tired of monogamous relationships that don’t work. NOTHING works. So I am just going to be fancy free, return to my knitting and learning how to cook, and enjoy being single (when I get back to Oregon).

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