Statute of limitations on caring?

Ok, so here’s an interesting question that came up today because I’m dumb with this kind of stuff – where does the statute of limitations apply with regards to returning calls / e-mails / whatever with someone that you might fancy, but aren’t necessarily technically “dating” or anything?

The situation is that I had been planning to talk with this girl last night when I returned from my trip, but could only ever get to her voicemail. I left one message, and then another several hours later because previously she did have problems with getting her voicemail. Today I held off for a while, but finally sent a text message with the hopes of breaking the ice, but never heard anything back. Here’s the thing – we’ve really only been talking for a week or two now, but she’s usually been pretty on the ball with replying to stuff like this.

And so here I ask my question, especially to the ladies that might be able to relate the other side a little better – does it seem like I’m just being desperate and need to back the fuck off or should a reasonable person be able to see that I’m just concerned about her and want to make sure that she’s ok? For the record, I am getting a little worried at this point that something bad has happened, but then again, I’ve also got the negative, pessimistic voice in the back shouting that maybe she’s just lost interest and has moved on already.

I like to think that she’s not that kind of person, but I haven’t exactly had the best of luck with being able to recognize this kind of stuff until after the fact. Keep your fingers crossed for me, or any other superstitous act of your choosing, for that matter…

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  1. I don’t think you’re seeming desperate, but I would definitely hold off for a while after two voice messages and a text. Maybe email her in a day or two, but then that would be it for me.

    *ritually slaughters something cute and prays for Scott’s success*

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