Does being against wiretapping mean that you support terrorism???

It seems like a stretch to me! I’m reading up on some of the efforts of the newly-formed IPac (Intellectual Property Action Committee) after hearing about it on TWiT and I just can’t believe some of the comments that I’m hearing from people about how these types of efforts (along with the EFF’s) shouldn’t be supported because they encourage terrorism. Apparently because I don’t think that our government has the right to eavesdrop on its citizens without due cause, that means that I’m for terrorism because wiretapping was allegedly put into place only to protect us from bad people.

Seriously, how ignorant are people these days? I’m for terrorism because I believe in privacy, the resident pothead is for terrorism because obviously all drug money eventually gets back to dirty countries, and as circular reasoning would support, anyone who drives an SUV or Hummer is for terrorism because oil is the only damn reason we’re over in Iraq in the first place. Jeesh…

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  1. In my defense I hate SUVs and hummers because not only are they gas-guzzling pieces of overcompensating shit, I don’t particularly like that fact that my relatively environmentally-friendly little Toyota could fit UNDER one of them..,kind of scary when you’re driving up I-5. :/

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