random funnies

Here’s Your Sign…
As I was purchasing some new fish from PetCo this evening, the lady behind me tried to make a little small talk – “Oh – you’re buying fish. I see people buying fish in here all the time … do you have a fish tank at home?”

Lord of Pop Culture
Has anyone else seen the new ads for the Lord of the Rings movies on TBS??? They’re all pop-culture-ey and just plain bizarre. The first one I saw made Frodo and Sam out to be gay lovers; the next was showing Gandalf the White as some sort of hip-hoppin’ pimp. Were they afraid that the billion dollar franchise just wasn’t going to appeal to enough people as an epic adventure trilogy?

One Step Away from the Bro
During the aforementioned trip to PetCo, I saw a dude carrying a purse, or technically a clutch, as Lori later clarified. At first I thought it was just a chick with really short hair…and no boobs…and by the time I finally ran out of excuses, he’d ducked into Shoe Carnival and my analysis came to a close.


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