Happy Birthday, Google!!!

Ok, so I was going to put together one of those nice, big summary posts this evening, but it’s too late and I’ve still got other stuff to do, so instead here’s a little something that I found interesting…


Today is Google’s 8th birthday and of course, the logo is decorated for the festivities accordingly (it currently has a cupcake with birthday candles taking the place of one of the O’s, FYI if you check at a later date and can’t find anything different…). I’ve always found it entertaining to see the various logos that show up on Google’s homepage for one event or another – everything from the traditional holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc… to more obscure things like the Winter Games, Bastille Day in France, and even the winning of the X-Prize by SpaceShipOne (the first private-venture spacecraft to leave Earth’s atmosphere). Some very creative and colorful designs over the years – hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I did!

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