I saw my very first native armadillo a few minutes ago while I was out on an impromptu walk around the neighborhood as a last-ditch attempt at getting some exercise today. I’ve always wanted to see one of these little guys close-up because for some reason unbeknownst to me, I’m just fascinated with them. Maybe too much time playing with those little pillbugs when I was a kid … who knows?

While walking by some taller grass and shrubs, I heard a rustling that I initially just assumed was an alligator about to pop out and eat me, but thankfully, it was not. Instead I see an armored, little tail poke out of the grass ever so slightly. I hung out there for a good ten minutes, watching him poke in and out of the grass, doing whatever it is that armadillos do, and I don’t think he even noticed me until I tried to crouch down to take a better picture. Of course, then I don’t even have to explain that he got scared, freaked out and ran back into the bushes, which nearly toppled me over because I’m a big wuss, and that was the end of our little adventure together.

Mind you, I don’t necessarily know if I’d want the things rummaging around in my garbage, but as long as they’re on somebody else’s lawn, they’re cool with me. 🙂

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