virtual NES online

This is pretty cool – I’ve never liked downloading roms and whatnot to play all of these old games, so somebody threw together a java applet that let’s you play right in a web browser. It took a while for me to get used to Z and A being the B and A buttons, but a great deal of time was still wasted all the same!

I highly doubt it’s legal and it’ll be interesting to see how long it stays up, but pretty fun if you want to re-live some of those old-school gaming days without having to blow on the cartridges until you’re blue in the face… 🙂


  1. Me? I just bought a Nintendo with a new 72-pin connector installed and just get games off eBay. You’re almost guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for, and most are really cheap (except rare games, i.e., Final Fantasy). As for the web app, it’s probably all okay… except for the games. The publishers are probably going to be all over that. But the app itself is probably just fine.

  2. You know, I’ve actually tried replacing the connector on mine and it didn’t end up helping – I think because the games themselves are so dirty, too. I’ve been looking for one of the top-loading systems on and off because supposedly that fixed a big part of the problem, but all I can ever find on eBay under $100 are the knock-off models.

  3. I just use a Q-Tip and water to clean the games. I remember one game I had went from unplayable to almost perfect. You just have to make sure you let it dry, and sometimes it might take a few passes, but it helps immensely.

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