Holy Sodium, Batman … and other tales of woe and whimsy…

Sodium / High Blood Pressure / Doctor’s Visit Update
Last night I went to the grocery store, spent a whole lotta dough on lots of stuff that I can, for the most part, cook myself in an attempt to eat healthier, and I still can’t believe how much sodium is in just about everything!!! When I started to factor in that I normally take in double portions of even healthy stuff like orange juice and canned corn, I honestly don’t see how anybody can stay within the recommended limit of 2000mg per day! I’m sad to say that I’ll likely be cutting out my beloved Campbell’s Chunky soup from the easy to take to work in a hurry menu because a single can was hitting me with nearly 1800mg alone, but even a similar can ranked in at nearly half of that. I’m still gonna do my best to try and limit my intake, but damn…

So anyways, my follow-up appt. with the doc is tomorrow morning and I’ve got a feeling I already know what he’s going to say. I need to cut down on my calories, lose some more weight, watch my sodium intake, and continue to keep an eye on my blood pressure in the meantime to make sure that it doesn’t get any worse. I’m still fairly confident that if I can get down under 200 pounds, that will have a fairly significant impact on everything, and as of earlier today, that goal was only 11.8 pounds away, so at least progress is getting made. 🙂

Computer Woes
Two of ’em this weekend, although there’s not really a whole lot I can do for either of them right now. The major one is that my server PC doesn’t want to stay ON for more than five minutes in a run, which is a bit of a problem because all of My Documents is actually on a drive inside that box. I’ve got a feeling that it’s either a ventilation issue or the power supply is just done – it sits in a closet that doesn’t have any circulation anyways and above all, it was a free PC that I got from work probably five or six years ago, so it’s certainly done its time. I’ve been pricing things out online to see how cheaply I could put something together from newegg.com, if I can borrow a few hundred bucks from my bonus check, but until I finish my taxes (next weekend…ugh), I don’t dare place that order!

My cable modem has also been on the fritz again this weekend, which makes me a little angry because the technician came out last weekend and said that everything was “fine.” Line speed tested at ~6.4mbps down / 480 kbps up, which was good enough for me (I pay for 6000/512). Now I’m lucky if I can break 2.5mbps down, even after receiving a courtesy letter in the mail from Brighthouse stating that they were increasing line speeds in my area to 7mbps free of charge! I know they’re just going to want to send out another technician, which I don’t have time to work around during the week, but this needs to get fixed.

Computer Woas
I finally installed iTunes this weekend because I got tired of having to manually download all of the various podcasts that I listen to each week – man, what a difference! It’s still giving me a few problems because as long as my server is dead, it can’t save things where it wants to, but overall, not too shaby. I can’t see myself actually buying anything from the iTunes Music Store until I can figure out how to get it in the format that I want, but I really didn’t plan to use that feature anyways…

Movies, Movies, Movies…
Didn’t end up watching nearly as much as last weekend, but given the copious amount of nothing that I got done, that probably isn’t such a bad thing! One that did manage to stand out, though, was Constantine, which was apparently a comic book-based action movie that I just completely missed when it was in theaters last year. Good flick, actually, and probably one of the better Keanu Reeves movies that I’ve seen since the original Matrix. I did watch some others, but apparently they weren’t actually good enough for me to remember for the purpose of them being written about right here, right now…

That was a great Van Halen song though, don’t you think?


  1. I went and saw Constantine in the theater last year because I like Hellblazer, the comic on which it’s based, with and Charles. I actually liked it too! I expected it to be total crap but I really enjoyed it.

    As a girl, I am constantly watching sodium because around that time of the month, you already have water-bloating like crazy and sodium encourages that. I stay away from soda (although I do that in general now), fried stuff, and canned soup. Or if I get soup or chicken broth, I specifically look for the low-sodium stuff. I also didn’t realize that that stuff is PACKED with it!! X(

  2. I’m pretty sure the sodium/caffiene double-whammy is what screws up my system all the time. I get really vicious headaches, but my BP (to my knowledge) is pretty standard.

    Constantine was alright, the chick that played Gabriel was totally f’n HOT! It’s just really hard for me to see Keanu anymore without instinctively going “Whoa” in my best Ted Theodore Logan voice. Never could, probably never will resist it. He’s such a hack. The only movie that he didn’t play the “Keanu” role was in Speed, and both Dennis Hopper and Jeff Daniels, and hell, even Sandra Bullock (whom I HATE) did better jobs in their roles than he did.

    But I was pissed that Keanu didn’t have blond hair for Constantine, because we all know that John Constantine is blond.

    Just kidding. I don’t care.

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