this is just sad and horrible.

Mother dies after 911 call is treated as prank

Doesn’t say much for 911 dispatch in Detroit, especially since apparently the operator is still working through the investigation. Customer care … tech support … sales – fine, we’ll deal with sub-par representatives who are only there for a paycheck when it’s not truly a life-or-death situation, but if there was any phone-related job that required truly passionate people on staff – period – wouldn’t this be one of them? Poor kid…

Apparently the family is suing and it sucks that it’ll be a burden on tax payer money, but if that’s what it takes to force the system to re-evaluate this horribly malformed process, then so be it. I’ve only ever had to call 911 once and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done – nobody should be faced with any kind of resistance when making a call like that. If it does turn out to be a prank, then the police can deal with that afterwards, but whatever happened to “every call is an emergency until proven otherwise”?

9-1-1 Emergency Response – it’s even in the name, for pete’s sake.

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