I didn’t sleep well last night…

…and I don’t know if it was my back, or just too much sleep altogether, or the stupid chirping that kept me half awake from about 5:30am thru 7:00am, but I’ve certainly had better nights, that’s for sure.

I need to get myself back on a schedule of sorts, stop taking naps when I get home that result in my staying up until 2am to compensate, and more or less just start making better use of my time. I know the doc is going to say that I need to crack down on my diet and exercise, so I might as well do it all at the same time…


  • water plants
  • exercise
  • dinner
  • write
  • sleep

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  1. I find that peppermint tea helps with the staying awake, if not because of caffiene then just because of the smell. Helps get me focused AND hydrates you, which will also help. 🙂

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