It’s not rocket science…

I never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of people who can’t figure out the gate for our subdivision.

It’s not that confusing – we all have barcodes … you drive by the barcode reader … and the gate magically opens!

Instead, let’s STOP at the barcode reader long enough so that it isn’t actually your barcode that opens the gate for you, but mine. And because I’m the last one in line, that means the gate will close before I get there because you don’t know how to follow instructions.

Just drive through … DON’T STOP!!!

I’ve got a feeling that these are the same brilliants that take those few extra seconds to “catch on” after the light turns green and always seem to need a manager’s assistance at the self-checkout lines at the store. I think maybe it’s time to thin the herd if we have folks who can’t even get in the door at this point…

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