“We have to challenge ourselves to do better…”

Screeners at Newark fail to find ‘weapons’ – Agents got 20 of 22 ‘devices’ past staff

What, did Mike Brown get promoted to run the TSA now?! Two out of twenty-two weapons found is 9%. If the TSA was currently in high school, we’d be sending a progress report home to its parents recommending tutors, special education programs, and possibly considering a night shift position on the janitorial staff at McDonald’s as a viable career option. That is, if they can identify which one is the mop in a real world environment…

Nine fucking percent, folks. Yeah, I think y’all need to challenge yourselves to do “BETTER.”

With this after New Zealand’s Quantas Airlines had a guy go into a coma on one of their flights because the staff accidentally told him he couldn’t take his insulin onboard, apparently October has just been a bad month for flying. For those traveling in the upcoming weeks for Thanksgiving, I’d currently recommend driving, walking, running, jumping, skipping, frolicking, or moseying to your destination in lieu of flying, or if you insist on aeronautical involvement in your holiday celebrations, stay home and rent Top Gun instead.

Better Tom Cruise take a ride into that danger zone than you…


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