my stomach is still intact!

So Busch Gardens yesterday was actually pretty fun, which surprised me because I’m just about as much of a “not a rollercoaster” person as one can get and that’s pretty much all we did while we were there. The storms on and off only gave us a couple of hours in the park while coasters were running and that’s what Sara’s cousin wanted to do, so that’s what we did. I’m actually pretty proud of myself because I ended up going on pretty much every single one that Sara went on – including Sheikra, which as a side note, is absolutely fucking insane. The view was pretty for about fifteen seconds until they let us drop, and out-of-towners should note that this is their new trademark coaster that pretty much drops you straight down while you’re facing straight down, so as far as I’m concerned, it was a miracle that I was able to contain my lunch for that one…


But they did have some cool ones – I really liked the Python, although it could’ve stood to be about four or five times longer; whatever water ride we went on would’ve been great, had we actually planned on getting wet. The only one that I really didn’t care for at all was the wooden coaster (don’t remember its name) because the bumps were just too much for me. And here I was, just starting to get the hang of the speeds and dips and whatnot, and then they’ve got to go and take me back to the dirt roads of Northern Michigan to boot! I probably wouldn’t do that one again, but pretty much anything else is fair game … even the insane one that is Sheikra, assuming that my co-riders understand the concept of “you owe me one,” that is!

All in all, it was a fun way to spend a few hours and I look forward to going back in a few months when it’s a little cooler so that Sara and I can check out the animals and shows and all of that. Granted, I could certainly do without the smells of cigarette smoke and beer – the beer is usually fine by itself to me, but when people don’t heed to the signs and just smoke wherever they want, the two mixing together is gross. We also didn’t end up seeing The Hippo Lady and by God, we certainly did look! Maybe next time… Of course, ultimately I’m going to be a little rougher than normal because I’m spoiled by being a Disney kid through and through, but at the same time I can see how this could be a nice alternative if we don’t feel like driving over to Orlando or have guests in town who are looking for a little more than what Space Mountain can offer.

I’ll go back, so it couldn’t have been too bad!

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