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Lazy Sunday (+Friday & Saturday)
Ok, so we pretty much did absolutely nothing this weekend, which neither of us really feel all that bad about because it was ever so long overdue. It feels like we’ve just been going nonstop all summer with either flying here or there on vacation, or even just running around frantically on the weekends … as short as they are … so it was really, really nice to just be able to lay around the house doing as we pleased. I don’t think I took my shower until about 6pm yesterday and didn’t take one at all today (hey, the pool counts, right?!), and pretty much the whole duration was spent laying around in our pajamas, or at least the Floridian equivalent as such. Sara spent what seemed like a good ten hours each day playing A Link to the Past on the SNES, I had some time to breathe and work on other little thing here and there, and at this point I’m only jealous that she gets tomorrow off, too, and I don’t!

Flora and More Flora
One of the things I focused on today was getting my plants back to health because I’ve pretty much ignored them since we got back from New York (over a month ago???). Some of them are positioned in a manner out on the balcony where they can get some rain during the daily thunderstorms right now, but a lot of them still didn’t and I did an awful lot of dead or dying leaf removal along the way. The majority of them, mind you, will be ok – I just need to start watering them more regularly again and get some plant food in them – but there are a couple that are being propped up by yardsticks right now and in not too good of shape. Ultimately there was only one that didn’t make it, and I guess that’s just a lesson that I need to spend just a little bit more time on them in the future. You wouldn’t think that twenty minutes here or there would be too hard to handle, but…

Funny Stuff
I’m inserting these now just in case Firefox crashes before my next post and I lose the links – funny stuff I found a la digg:

“I’ve Never Actually Read the Book Before…” Product Reviews

Lady Calls 911 Over Incorrect Burger King Order

An Amazing New Offer from Taco Town

MOSI Plans
I still don’t know what’s going on here… We had originally planned on going this weekend to see BODIES because the exhibit is leaving on Tuesday, but it just really interferred with our plans of doing absolutely nothing this weekend and we didn’t end up going. And mind you, this is all on me because I decided that I wanted to go later instead so that we wouldn’t feel rushed, but even now the agreement is to go after I get out of work tomorrow night and I’m not really sure if I even care anymore. I still think it would be neat and when’s the next time I’ll get an opportunity to see the human body in such a raw form (no pun intended, and it’s really kind of gross, anyways…)? Sara’s already seen it, so it’s completely up to me – part of me keeps saying that I need to just bite the bullet and go because I’ll regret it later if we don’t, but we’ll see. Tomorrow’s going to be such a ridiculously lax day at work anyways that maybe I’ll be more up for an outing after work than normal – let’s hope that’s the case!

Next Update: exercise progress (or lack thereof), Disney reservations, and Scott’s latest rant about life in suburbia

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  1. I water my plants on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons when I do all my cleaning (yes, I am a loser for cleaning on a Friday night). That way I remember to water them at least once a week.

    Tony killed my aloe very plant, Steve, on the other hand…

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