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So I got sidetracked while I was putting together the comic tonight and did some wandering around friends pages on MySpace. One hop to another lead to finding a lot more people from high school than I would’ve expected, and it was kind of neat to find that MySpace is actually good for something! Interesting finds, too – some folks are married, and more than I would’ve expected with children; a couple more, including one that I briefly dated, are pregnant; I even found the guy who had a locker next to me Freshmen year that always used to shove me around – and he still looks like a jerk, go figure! A few people fled to the far reaches of the country like myself, while a surprising number now live downstate still in Michigan (most that got married), and of course there’s a few that are still bumming around Gaylord for whatever reason. One girl’s even a stripper, or maybe a model, but judging from the pictures I’m leaning more towards stripper – interesting, indeed…

Also, a good portion of the ones still living in Gaylord had lots of drunk pictures on their profiles – not sure if there’s some sort of corolation there or what.

Anyways, now I don’t actually have a MySpace page of my own – I pretty much just use the L7 one that Lori setup and check out people’s pictures through that, but I’m actually thinking about creating one now because like it or not, it actually seems to be a fairly good way to keep track of the people I went to high school with and a select few from beyond the classroom. Of course, then on the other hand is my dilema of not having any time to keep up with most of these people anyways, but maybe that really doesn’t matter. It’s not like many of us are going to become the best of friends again, but it is nice to be able to check back with people from time to time to see how they’re doing – I did spend some thirteen years of my life around these people, you know! Some of these people I haven’t seen since I graduated seven years ago – one of the people I found was a girl that I met in pre-school … we used to hunt for easter eggs in my house when we were little … and I hardly recognized her!

So maybe, just maybe, you might see me breakdown and actually setup one of these here MySpace accounts because I guess it would be easier to keep my friends separate from all of the friends of the comic, not that those people aren’t my friends, too! Kind of like friending a band, and then also your buddies in the band – yeah, that’s the ticket! One question for you MySpace regulars, though – can it be setup to e-mail me notifications on friends requests and messages and whatnot? Because even though I may initially set an account up, I probably won’t remember to check it often and would be better off just getting told when something changes.

Hook a brother up with some knowledge and maybe I’ll waste a few hours this weekend getting into MySpace! Lord knows I’ve already got dozens of people from high school just waiting to not really want to talk to me when I get there – it’s just like Dungeons and Dragons club all over again… 😛

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