Ouch. Feet. Hurting.

So Sara and I decided to do something a little different last night and went for “a little walk” instead of our usual exercise routines. It was meant to be just a leisurely walk through the neighborhood to see some of the areas that we haven’t yet, to be followed by a relaxing dinner & a movie to lead into bedtime. Instead, you might say that I sort of underestimated the distances from A to B … to C and back, and we ended up walking a lot longer than planned.

Just how long, you ask?

We left the house at about 7:45pm.

We returned sometime around 10:30pm.

Yeah…so our feets are very tired today!

Now we’ve both got blisters on our blisters, and I’ve proven without a doubt that my current “new” sandals just have got to go, but it was still some good exercise and a nice chance to spend some time together after a pretty stressful week. Of course, next time we bring a pedometer so we’ll know exactly how far we’ve traveled (we’re guessing about 5-6 miles for last night), and actual shoes are definitely a must as opposed to sandals, but it was still a good time.

Mind you, the only exercise I stand a chance of getting today is going to have to be down at the pool, but all’s well that ends well!

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