photos : new bedroom furniture

When it comes down to it, I think the room is really too small to have that much furniture in it, but then again, for the past two years my bedroom hasn’t had much more than a mattress and occasionally a tv in it! Nothing I can really do about that now, though.

Please feel free to chime in with any ideas you might have – I’m even more uncertain about whether or not I want to change the color of the walls now, as in the right light the blue and gold / brown do kinda play off of each other (not so much in the photos, but in the bright sunlight from this afternoon, they looked ok). I also still need to get new lamps, as well as blinds for the huge window … I want to continue the island theme and make them match furniture, but I’m afraid that the ones I have in mind are going to force me to repaint the walls as well! Help, please?!


  1. Lots of light makes rooms look even cooler, go to IKEA if you can. 🙂

    Also, the blue is cool, but kind of, IMHO, makes your furniture look really dark. I would repaint, but I grew up in a house where the walls were always some version of white, so I really shouldn’t be giving advice. 🙂

  2. – I might post some different photos tomorrow with the daylight, if I think of it. It really doesn’t look that dark during the day when there’s a mass of sunlight pouring through that 70″ window! 🙂

    – Would you believe that there isn’t a single IKEA in the state of Florida?

    – I agree with you in that it does make everything look dark, but I’m afraid that pretty much any shade of green is going to do just about the same thing and I’d hate to go back to a boring, neutral color like the rest of the place. I’m not much better than you, having grown up covering all of my walls with posters and prints to the point where paint colors didn’t matter … d’oh.

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