Revisiting Downtown Disney…

(Ok, so this post is actually referencing our Saturday trip to Disney’s vacation kingdom – I’m just a little behind!)

Yeah – we spent Saturday evening over at Downtown Disney pretty much doing exactly what the aforementioned post describes. We shopped and got some gifts for our trip up to New York in a few days, we spent a good healthy chunk of change on candy at Goofy’s Candy Co. (best chocolate-covered strawberries ever!), and culminated the evening with a bit of Clerks 2. We ended up really lucking out because it had been raining pretty much all day with no signs of stopping through the weekend, but magically it all stopped by the time we pulled in the parking lot and we never needed the umbrella that got left in the car once! Talk about luck.

Some notable points…

Too Many People / Too Many Grouchy & Rude People
The evening actually gave me a couple of really good topics for articles that I just haven’t gotten around to writing yet, the first of which being that basically, people in large groups are unbelievably rude these days. Granted, there were a ton of people there for a hot summer’s weekend night in July – as noted by how long it took just for us to find a freaking parking spot – but I still couldn’t believe how grumpy people could be! I mean, I know you’re hot and you’re tired and it’s been a really long day, but you’re at Disney World – deal with it! I have a little rule that I adopted that says you’re not allowed to be in a bad mood while you’re on vacation – period. It’s ok to rant a little here and there (which I do), but when you’re letting your grumpiness affect everyone else’s experience around you, that’s when it’s time for a nap.

I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for the column which’ll hopefully get done tomorrow night. My last request, though – two little words: “Excuse me.” That’s all I have to say…

Food Stuffs
I couldn’t remember food costing so much more than the standard Disney fare down there, but we didn’t want to wait for Planet Hollywood so we ended up going to the Earl of Sandwich instead. The menu sounded intriguing and I thought I was getting something that would be pretty cool (Hawaiian BBQ Ham), but the sandwich itself just left something to be desired. I typically hold even the counter service at Disney a step above your normal fast food just because you’re paying twenty bucks for two people instead of ten, but I’m just not all that impressed when I leave seriously thinking that I could do the same at home.

We also split a frosted sprinkle-covered brownie that looked a lot better than it really was – replicable with a can of Duncan Hines frosting and an Easy Bake Oven. Did maybe we just catch Earl on a bad night???

Now this was where my attitude perked up just a bit! I ended up going this one alone because Sara stayed back to find our seats at the theater and take a load off, and that’s not always the best idea because it’s very easy for me to get carried away in the candy shops of Walt Disney World! An assorted box of fudge, bags of jelly beans and chocolate-covered raisins, three chocolate covered strawberries and two Mickey Mouse peanut butter cups later, I returned to my woman with enough candy to pretty much negate any exercising that we’d actually done over the previous week. I’m not even going to tell you just how much I spent…but the peanut butter cups were delicious…

Clerks 2
And the moment that I’ve been waiting for all summer…

I don’t want to write too much here because I’m also writing up something on the movie as well, but just for the record and anyone who might want to go see the latest masterpiece of the great Kevin Smith, it was hilarious. Many know that I’m a huge fan of Kevin’s work, and this was probably his best film to date. The typical crude humor is enough to put you in the aisles with laughter, and I’m not ashamed to admit that the ending gave me that shudder of “Wow – that was good. that I don’t feel very often. For comparison, I felt it not long ago with Cars, but before then was probably Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Hands down, if you appreciate a good dirty joke…or fifty, your money will be well spent.

Also of interest, I felt compelled to pull up the box office figures to see how the flick fared and am happy to report that they landed at $9.6 million for opening weekend. While those certainly aren’t Pirates 2 numbers, this one also only cost $5 mil in production costs to make, so they’re pretty much already in the black on this one, which is good news because the film deserves to make some money on it. It’s also amusing to hear that apparently Joel Siegel (movie critic for ABC’s Good Morning America) caused quite a stink by walking out 40 minutes into the flick in a rather boisterous manner. Kevin proceeded to blog about it, then the press had a little fun, too – check out the article, then listen to the radio sound clip for even more hilarity!

A Dick in a Mustache is Still Just a Dick (from Kevin Smith’s blog, My Boring Ass Life)

The Opie and Anthony Show speaks with Kevin about “The Incident,” then calls a very confused Joel Siegel

Tomorrow night I’m supposed to be packing for New York, as we’ll be rising from bed promptly at 3:00am … I can hardly wait. We’ll see if I can get around to writing anything between now and then, and if not, maybe I’ll get some down time at the airport or something. Only time with tell – play safe until then…


  1. Dammit, they don’t HAVE peanut butter cups in Germany. You know how long it’s been since I’ve had a damn Reese’s? Fucking December of last year.

  2. OH MY GOD, I am listening to the interview…I LOVE that he doesn’t even realize he’s talking to Kevin Smith, LOL.

    The guy is SUCH a douche.

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