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So really, where would the fun be if I actually updated this thing every day, anyways?!

Easily my new favorite show right now, even beating out The 4400 – I think we’ve been watching at least one episode a night for the past couple of weeks – it’s kind of Sara and my’s unwind at the end of the day activity to share, and that’s certainly nice, too. Last weekend we bought the first season of DVD and so far, I certainly haven’t been disappointed! You might think that it’s the intellectual spin that keeps me interesting, but I think it’s probably just that for the most part, House is a jerk. A jerk, nonetheless, with a purpose who isn’t going to let society or process or any other interference slow him down from dealing with the problem at hand. Kind of reminds me of, well, me, and by God, we could use a few more guys like us around!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
I’m finally playing the latest episode of the GTA series and I can’t tell you how happy I was to learn that Sony finally snapped out of it and released it for the PS2 (it was originally a PSP-exclusive). I bought it last weekend and have been playing it a little here, a little there, and so far I like it a lot. I always enjoyed the layout of Liberty City better than Vice City or San Andreas, so it’s kind of like returning to an old childhood town…only here I’m also running down people and keeping my ho’s in line. Good times!

Yeah, so I really haven’t been doing too well with that lately, to the fault of my trying to do approximately 1,000,000 different things in a finite amount of time each day. This evening I did about 25 minutes on the elliptical and that’s probably the first I’ve done in over a week, so I know that I need to be doing better – it’s just a matter of making the time to do it. At this point I think I have just under two more months until my follow-up with the doctor and if I haven’t shown any improvements by then, he’s going to look at putting me on medication for my high blood pressure – I really need to make more of an effort in an attempt to avoid this. My current plan is to try doing a little every night instead of doing 45 – 60 minutes every other day, with the thinking that hopefully I can just knock out my time as soon as I get home and not have to worry about missing it anymore. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if I can keep the schedule this time…

Stupid Cable Box
As of about last Sunday, it stopped working and I have no idea why. Worse yet, I really haven’t had any time to test it, so I don’t know if it’s just a problem with the box or if it’s actually my TV. For some reason it’s not outputting the video, but we’re still able to hear audio, so I’m hoping that just the ports on the box went bad or something. I tried hooking it up to the TV with just plain, old coax instead and got nothing, but I still want to try it on another TV altogether before I take it in to Bright House for an exchange. Cross your fingers in hopes that it’s the boxes fault!

The dude who lives directly below us has been doing massive amounts of construction…or something…lately and it’s really starting to get abnoxious! And I’m not just talking a little hammering or knocking things around here and there – consider buzz saws and saber saws and pretty much any other kinds of saws that you can think of that are really freaking loud. I had to go down and say something the other night because it was after 11pm and he was still going at it – he did apologize profusely, but at the same time had this look on his face like he was somewhat surprised that we could hear it from upstairs! My bet is still that they’re running some sort of woodshop out of their home instead of doing any remodeling, as this has been going on way too long and I didn’t really see any of that kind of mess when he opened the door, but even if that might be the case, how do you really approach something like that? I guess we’re just going to try to deal for now, but I told Sara that if it’s still going on come Christmas time, we’re going to have words… 🙁

I saw an armadillo in the parking lot earlier this evening, and actually just about hit the little fella. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but I’d never seen one before and I’ve always wanted to, so that was kind of neat. Had I not been driving, I probably would’ve made more of an attempt to moblog the event, but my luck, he’d end up being an overly-aggressive armadillo and I’d end up making the headlines for Guy Was Too Focused on Posting to His Website and Tried to Approach an Armadillo That Didn’t Want to be Approached. Oh well – maybe next time.

Sara and I will be going over to Downtown Disney sometime undetermined at this point so that we can get gifts to take up to New York next week. I look forward to showing her the LEGO store, finding some new refrigerator magnets, and hopefully seeing Clerks 2 at the theater.

Speaking of New York…
Exactly one week from now, we’ll be up in New York state visiting Sara’s family, which I’m both excited and a little nervous for…and I think this is normal. They sound like good people, senses of humor and all, so hopefully that awkward apprehension that comes from meeting your girlfriend’s parents will pass quickly and we’ll be able to just kick back and have a good time. It’ll kind of be like Meet the Parents, except hopefully without any references to nipples. Now that would be awkward!

Also, we’re flying into New York City and spending the day touring and whatnot, and since it’ll be my first time ever in the city, I’m pretty excited about that. I really didn’t have any preference to what we saw, so I’m pretty much leaving it to Sara and her Dad to do the leading – should make for some interesting moblogging!

And Also Along the Lines of Traveling…
It has been confirmed that we’re going to be able to make the trip up to Michigan for my Grandparents 60th wedding aniversary / luau, which we’re both pretty excited about. Since I’m going to meet her family this summer, it seemed only fair that she get to do the same with my crazy bunch and what better reason to make the trip up? (Well, except for Lori’s wedding, that is, but it was a little early at that point!) We’ll only be in town for a couple of days – pretty much just a day at the luau and then the other day spent doing something with my Mom, but I’m looking forward to introducing Sara to my family and letting them see in person just why I’ve been so happy lately…at least as far as relationships are concerned!

Anywho, that should be enough updates to tide you over for one night. I’s going to bed now… :O

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