stress, stress – go away…

Man, am I going to be happy when these stressful days are gone.

Of course, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, so I guess in the meantime we’ll just take it one day at a time… 😛

It was a very busy weekend as we began preparing for our trip up to Michigan later on this week. Yesterday we went over to Downtown Disney for presents and also saw a movie (Miami Vice – it sucked – should’ve listened to everyone’s reviews). Today was pretty much entirely devoted to finding Sara a dress for the luau, which we did actually do after visiting about the 113th beach shop along the gulf coast. It was a very trying trip and we were both immensely happy when she found something that would work, but as a side note, in the meantime we did decide that we’re going to buy a sweet condo on the beach once we’re millionaires and have tons of money to blow. I don’t quite remember whose responsibility it is to make all of that dough, though – will have to check back on that one.

So we’ve still got a ton of crap to do – gifts need to be prepared, articles for the paper up there need to be written because a deadline will pass while we’re away, packing of sorts needs to take place, I need a haircut and Sara wants to get her nails done, the house never actually did get cleaned from when we got back from the last trip – the list just goes on and on! Also, we have strong suspicions that there might be a mouse or rat living up in the attic … either that or some very large cockroaches … because we could hear them scurrying around the other night above the bathroom that sits off of our bedroom. We bought a neat, little trap for that purpose earlier today, but I’ll be very surprised if it gets put into place anytime before we leave.

So much to do, so little time – these are the days of our lives!

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