Mario, anyone???

Does anyone know if there’s a way, either now or in the future, for me to play the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS on a screen larger than, say, three inches or so? I got a small taste of this thing while we were perusing Best Buy last weekend and had to come home and plug in the old Super NES to help quench my thirsts for koopas and walking mushrooms, and after seeing the new game and playing it for a few minutes, I’d love to partake in this new adventure, too, but I am getting “old” and just can’t stare at that tiny screen for hours on end. Any ideas if there are plans to go cross-platform with this title and offer it on the upcoming Nintendo Wii, or maybe something’s available where you can hook up a DS to one of the console systems, as I believe they did between the Gameboy and the Game Cube.

Help a brother out – I need my Mario and Luigi!

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