three hundred big boys

I don’t think I can imagine a better place to spend a Tuesday afternoon than the auto repair shop. $270 down the tubes for a new alternator, plus one wasted vacation day – good stuff!

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  1. The new Dane Cook album has this great thing about auto repair shops. “There was a tiny unicorn in your exhaust line, and it was jumping up and down and poking holes in it, so we had to replace that too.”

    “Wow. A tiny unicorn. Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t know there was a tiny mythical beast in my car. How much is that gonna cost? $2000? Okay, cool, I was thinking, I would like to pay about $2000 for this. Thank you for not fucking me big time.”

    It’s funnier if you actually listen to it, you should buy it, after you recover from the car costs. 🙂

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