up all night…

Yes, that timestamp is pretty much accurate, but at least I feel like I got something accomplished this weekend!


I decided to take a break on the c-g design after dinner because I was still stumped and figured I’d work on this one instead, seeing as Lori finished the graphics for it, like, a month ago and it really should be done by now. Don’t even bother following that link in Firefox yet because the layout is all screwed up there, but it should be ok in IE … at least until I try to fix it for Mozilla…

  • The current image there is designed for 800×600, so you’re going to see a lot of white space if you run anything higher – I assure you that it fills the screen pretty well at the aforementioned resolution. I am planning on doing an alternate resolution view at 1024×768 once I get everything working smoothly with this – setup a javascript or something to autodetect resolution and all of that fancy stuff. But seriously, isn’t that image just awesome?
  • The RSS feeds coming in from LiveJournal and TextAmerica still need some tweaking, but I think that’ll go smoothly tomorrow. I’m using this really cool RSS feed converter that I found called RSS2HTML– both links are just running the default settings on the script now, but it’s just a matter of making templates for each to tell it how I want to display the various codes and whatnot. I tried to do this once before by exporting a LiveJournal style and it was a pain in the ass, so I’m very pleased to find this.
  • The only thing I’m a bit skeptical about is how my photo galleries are going to look at the 800×600 res because I don’t really think there’s enough room to make them look decent and I really don’t want to just cop out to having a separate page open. There will be plenty of room at 1024×768, but I understand that half of the net still uses the smaller resolution – myself included on my desktop at home – and I don’t want to simply demand that those people scroll back and forth to see my whole layout. Any suggestions???Well, I’m supposed to meet my Dad to go up to Rainbow Springs in a few hours, so I suppose I’d better get a little rest… 😛

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