Weekend Update – Short Version

(More to come soon, but for those anxious for the highlights…)

  • Went to Disney’s MGM Studios on Saturday – stayed pretty much the whole day and went on a ton of stuff. The Aerosmith Rockin’ Rollercoaster was by far the coolest for both of us and is the only rollercoaster thus far that I officially “enjoyed.” Didn’t see nearly as many gay folks there as I’d hoped, but there were certainly some characters and I don’t mean Mickey and Minnie…
  • Ended up staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, which probably cost a lot more than should’ve been spent, but it was totally worth it and we both had an absolute blast. Lots of cool pictures were taken at the resort itself and I’d definitely go back again … that is, if we don’t end up choosing another area to explore instead.
  • Sunday took us to the Magic Kingdom with Sara’s sister, and much fun was had by all. We did end up sort of getting stranded inside Splash Mountain for about an hour during the thunder storm, which kinda sucked, but the rain finally went away and we surprisingly even ended up staying until the park closed at night. Wishes, the fireworks show, was a little weak because we weren’t able to get in front of Cinderella Castle before the start of the show, but we had prime seats for the electric light parade later that evening and I got a few really cool shots of the floats.

Overall, it was a great weekend. There’s a lot more to be said and I’m actually going to be putting together one of my famous hilarious travelogues on the trip later on this week, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this…


  1. And in a few months, there will be a goofy little Asian gal and a white boy who looks like he’s 15 added in the picture.

    I guess some of the people Ray works with say that I look like I’m only 12. One of the girls asked, “Is she cute?” and the other responded with, “I’d do her.”

    I’m insulted. It’s a gross girl.


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