Even only being a four-day week, it felt like this one was never going to end. I think I put in nearly 40 hours at work without counting the holiday, which lead to a very tired, and often cranky, Scott. I really don’t feel like I got much of anything done this week, even though I’ve been itching to really dig into the Just Laugh redesign that I’m finally making some creative progress on. I did get a couple of simple mock-ups for the magazine side done and they’ve got me pretty inspired – now to just find the time to put them into action…

Saturday & Sunday, I think, are going to serve as a good, little mini-vacation, if you will. It’ll be good to spend some time with Sara just having fun, without work / stress / etc… hovering over my head because I know that I’ve taken some of it out on her over the past week and I certainly didn’t intend to. Time to just leave everything in Tampa behind and enjoy being away sounds good right now! We’re going over to MGM on Saturday, and probably spending Sunday with her sister at the Magic Kingdom … don’t really know what’s happening in between yet, though. We’re strongly considering just getting a hotel and staying the night, rather than bother driving home Saturday night and back again Sunday morning, but ideally we’d like to stay on Disney property and nearly all of the resorts – at least anything under $200/night – are completely booked. I think Sara’s going to try calling again in the morning to see if anything has freed up, but if not, I’m looking at possibly one of the hotels around Downtown Disney instead … anybody have any comments on those? It’s not the same as staying with the Mouse, but I guess that’s what you get with less than a day’s notice.

And on that note, I should really get to bed. I did have some other things that I wanted to post about – dogs, cockroaches, thoughts on the upcoming Ink, Paint & Tears… book, why I’m just about done with trying to make my own salads … but it’s late and I really don’t remember in detail what exactly I wanted to say about any of those topics anyways. Bah – I’m getting old… 😛


  1. Good luck finding a hotel room on Disney property for a good price. ^__^ I don’t know if you Tampa folks are aware, but it’s Gay Days over here. If you do go, don’t wear red. 😉 http://www.gaydays.com/

    Great group of people are there, but MK might be a bit busy today. Lots of big burly guys in Minnie hats! XD

  2. As the weekend continues.

    Sara’s off for the summer; have her make salads. She does a real nice fruit salad and a pasta salad too.

    I hope you found someplace safe to stay in Orlando.

    Enjoy meeting the first of Sara’s family. Christina is a good blend of her parents so you should get a fair idea of what you’ll meet in July. 🙂

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