Where did the weekend go???

Wow, that was a quick one, now wasn’t it? Granted, I’ve felt for a while like these things have been just a zipping past, but this weekend was unusually speedy. Maybe it had something to do with coming off of our vacation last weekend – I don’t know…

So I sadly spent most of the weekend stumbling over my assignment for the paper – they finally got finished today and as much as I probably shouldn’t admit publicly, I really just wasn’t happy with them at all. It always agrivates me when it takes me so long to get the ball rolling, and then I blow through the articles themselves in no time at all – very frustrating because I wish I could just write them off the bat and be done with it. Then again, as I’ve tried to explain to myself and others countless times, everyone’s creative process works different and in my case, what seems logical is typically the polar opposite. Anyways, I guess we’re taking next month off, so hopefully I can use that time to regroup and do better for January.

I did also get a little more writing for various projects this evening with what time I had left, but we’ll save that for another day…

Last night we went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory because long story short, we couldn’t find Kahunaville and it was the next closet place to eat. And I’ve just got to say, I’m sorry but I just wasn’t really all that impressed by a number of counts. Everyone is always telling me that Cheesecake Factory is this awesome place to eat, but to me it just screamed trendy and too focused on appearance when I’m just looking for a nice place to eat. Maybe I just got a bad dish because I wasn’t really all that thrilled about the food – I ordered chicken & shrimp jambalaya and it was so-so, whereas Sara got orange chicken and really liked it – and ultimately, the cheesecake itself was really the only memorable part of the evening, and we ended up taking that to go. I guess I won’t completely knock the place because of one visit because maybe this was an isolated case, but for my dollar, I would’ve hoped for a little bit better.

(One thing I will note, though – the waiter never brought us refills on our water or offered to get us new cocktails even though they were gone less than halfway through the meal. This is a pet peeve for me because I don’t like having to ration out my beverages, especially when ordering spicy food! Also, at seven bucks a drink, wouldn’t you be piping in there to help raise that tip percentage just a little?!)

Dieting, or a Lack Thereof
Ok, so I was pretty much bad for a good, solid week now, so tomorrow is time for me to get back into the swing of things. I started slacking right before we went on vacation and actually managed to just maintain my weight throughout the weekend, probably due to the fact that although we ate out a lot, we also only ate two meals a day instead of three, but ever since we got back, every day has pretty much been a scavenger hunt through the kitchen for food because neither of us had time to go grocery shopping. Tonight I finally went after we cleared out pretty much every edible morsel in the house, so next week I’ll reluctantly be getting back on track. In all reality, though, I really only gained 1.4 pounds, so I’m not all that worried about it. Time to finally get over that hump, though…

Watching TV
At the last minute (figure 8:00pm), Sara found out that USA was holding a House marathon so that’s pretty much what has entertained me for the remainder of the evening. Watched the second half of a pretty good one in which Foreman almost died after getting a nasty infection, followed by an even freakier one where House got shot in the first five minutes and endured some pretty spooky side-effects from there (I won’t ruin that one because Sara hasn’t watched it yet, but I will say that the ever-enlarging tongue was really gross!). We haven’t watched House for a while because there haven’t been any new episode thanks to Major League Baseball, and also because frankly, we just don’t have enough time right now. By the time Sara gets home at night, we have maybe enough time to watch one half-hour show (if we can find something we both like) before she has to go to bed, and that’s assuming she doesn’t have any school work that vitally needs to be graded or something. I’m not going to go into it now, but man, I would’ve never guessed that teachers had it so hard until I met her. Up at 5:30am, working through 8:00pm to accomodate a second job because teachers’ pay is still barely comparable to the lowest on the totem pole in the professional world (like me…) – I just couldn’t do it.

But anyways, this was supposed to be about House so let me digress back to the original point – why I like this show so much, or why anyone likes it, for that matter. Personally, I think I relate to it because House is a jerk, and a lot of times I can be a jerk too, even though most of the time the point behind my sarcasm is based on humor. And I think what makes House so appealing is because even if you don’t like the humor because you see it as being more rude than amusing, you can’t argue the man’s talent at one of the most noble professions around. He blatantly circumvents rules that he doesn’t agree with and as much as the administration wants to beat him down for that, the man’s right 99.9% of the time he goes against the grain. I guess that’s just comforting to me as I sit around in this day and age, watching people get told to follow the rules or else by somebody who’s job isn’t necessarily to practice said rules, but simply to make rules. In a way I think I kind of relate to this way of thinking because although my bosses wouldn’t want to hear it or admit it, I’ve lended myself to a lot of forward-moving practices and policy changes by not following rules cast in stone. Mind you, I’m not saving lives by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still an interesting comparison…at least to me.

Well, it’s getting late and I should really get some sleep. I told myself I’d try to be in bed at a reasonable time this week … so much for starting that effort off on the right foot… 😛

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