Why am I so tired?

So today was our first full day back from New York, and between having to go back to work and all of the stresses found within, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re both sufficiently drained. Tonight was pretty much just spent sluffing through the grocery store because we had no food, then I stayed up to try to organize some photos while Sara went to bed early because her first day of school with the kiddies is tomorrow. I hope I can get used to partially waking up at 5:30am… 🙁

Anyways, it’ll be a couple more days before I can post an official summary of our trip, but here’s the cliff’s notes – spent one day touring NYC, another at the wedding, and pretty much all the rest just spending time with Sara’s family, and it was great. I’ve never seen the girl smile so much – it made my face hurt just trying to keep up! We had such a good time I’d take her back next weekend if it were that easy. Nonetheless, now we’ve only got two weeks until we fly up to Michigan so that she can meet my family – it should be a lot of fun. All I can hope for is that she feels as comfortable with my family as I did with hers…but more on that later!

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