a lazy, busy, yeah-yeah weekend…

Where does the time go???

No, seriously – anybody feel free to jump in and throw a guy a bone here because at this point, I’m stumped! This weekend we were supposed to clean, and I was supposed to write, and Sara was supposed to get a bunch of her lesson plans done…and go figure, most of that didn’t actually happen. Instead we spent some time at the pool, watched House, The 4400, and Weeds together, I bought the new Jaws game for PS2 and wasted plenty of time last night, and Sara spent most of today sleeping on the couch with a migraine / stomach flu / I’m honestly still not quite sure what it was, but I do know that she wasn’t feeling well at all. Fun times, indeed…

So unfortunately, this has sort of been our pattern for a while and we’re still trying to make heads or tails of it. I feel bad because I think I’m just overwhelmed by trying to put too many things on my plate at one time, all the while I’m also feeling bad because Sara sometimes blames herself for my lack of productivity, even though I tell her that I was “this motivated” long before she came around – if anything, at least I don’t feel like I’m totally wasting my day when I’m spending time with her. On the other hand, she’s also feeling down because I did do at least some of the massive cleaning efforts that we had wanted to do this weekend, whereas she wasn’t able to do anything because she didn’t feel well pretty much all day, and I can see both sides of it – sure, it would be nice if she’d have been able to help me because we’d have made more progress, but likewise, she’s sick – there’s really nothing that she can do about it. It’s not like it’s her fault – I just know that it’s getting really frustrating for her because she’s still got another week before she gets to see the specialist that she scheduled months ago. I really hope they’re able to figure things out.

But on to happier news, a little smile was brought to my face not too long ago while talking to my Mom about our upcoming trip up to Northern Michigan. You see, as I had mentioned earlier, my final verdict from our trip to New York remains that simply put, I hope Sara feels as at home with my family as I did with hers (side note: yeah, yeah – I know I still haven’t posted pictures or stories about the trip yet … long story short, I’m still fighting with gallery to get all of my photos online and looking pretty, but they’re coming – I promise!). Anyways, I’ve got a good hunch that she’s going to get along just fine with at least the important members of the gang, but to add a bit of extra reassurance, this may sound simple but I found it comforting when my Mom mentioned that she needs to put together a list of what Sara likes to eat so that she’ll have the right stuff in the house for our visit. I know it may not sound like much, but Sara’s Mom had made it a special point to do the same for me before we went up there and it’s those little things that make a person feel welcome at the end of the day. Personalities are always going to be either a hit or a miss right off the bat, but gestures like this just show that our families really want us to be happy with one another and going the extra mile to ensure that comfort really means a lot to me.

Then again, if that wasn’t enough, Mom also was quick to reply with, “Oh, we’re going to get along just fine!” when I mentioned that Sara is an ice cream fan and to make sure she had some in the house, so I’m just looking forward to a lot of fun. It’s always good to see family, but even more so I just can’t wait to introduce everyone to the girl who makes me happier than I’ve ever been. That, and the fire-breathers at the luau should be interesting, too… 🙂

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