Wow. I feel sad now.

So apparently we’re taking romantic rejections to a whole new level! I’m kind of getting tired of, so I just finished filling out the survey for eHarmony…and as it turns out, they’ve got nothing for me! And not, no matches right now but we’ll keep looking – no, actually more along the lines of “we sometimes choose not to provide service rather than risk an uncertain match.” So now I can’t even get to the ladies that want to reject me – life just keeps getting better and better.

If I was an alcoholic, this is where I would start drinking heavily. That is all… :<


  1. Well, being old-hat with the whole “online dating” thing, I’d actually trust eHarmony over, which is obviously just trying to promote web traffic. You actually DO have to wait a while before you get anything from eHarmony, and the people that I got hooked up with seemed like they’d be really nice. Of course, at the time I’d already found someone, but I say give it a wait before drinking yourself into a stupor.

    If you already have, though, stop.

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