a date on the beach…

Last night was a refreshing change.

Sara’s been working absolutely crazy hours lately – try 60 or70 per week – and so our time together has been little to none, and usually very stressful and prone to arguments when it does happen. But last night was great because we went out for our first night out alone together in a long time! Don’t get me wrong, the quality time we’ve had with each of our families over the past few months has been great and we’re really lucky for every day, but we haven’t really gotten as much time for just the two of us lately and it was really starting to take its toll. Well, Sara just so happened to have last night off, so we went out for a few hours and it was certainly well deserved!

We started out at our favorite Chinese place, Liang’s Bistro, before proceeding over to St. Pete Beach for a couple of hours of just walking around, star-gazing and enjoying each others company. The water was still a bit cold to do any swimming, but then again, it was ten o’clock at night so we didn’t expect much! There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the moon was perfectly lit, so it was anything but pitch dark out – just enough to block out anyone else who may have been walking by, but not so much as to make you forget that you’re on the beach by any stretch of the imagination. Our walking lead us to this really cool looking hotel – the Grand Plaza Hotel Beachfront Resort – which Sara proceeded to fantasize about for hosting our hypothetical wedding, and just for the record at rooms only ranging from $139 – $179 / night with some including beach views, it might be a possibility, hypothetically speaking, of course … but that’s another topic entirely! We finally settled into a spot and threw down the blanket for a while to sit and listen to the waves, and all of that other romantic stuff. I won’t bore you with the gritty details, but needless to say it was a very relaxing night…

Of course, the down side to our little evening getaway is that now our laundry room and my car alike are completely littered with beach sand, which sounds nice until you realize that you’re tracking it all over the house and didn’t plan on vacuuming anytime soon! But that aside, it was good fun and we vowed to do it again sooner than later. One suggestion was hitting up the local Hard Rock Casino because neither of us have been there yet and we can both recall having a lot of fun in casinos in our own separate pasts. I still remember my very first trip when I went to Turtle Creek with Frank that year we worked on camp staff – I made $60, and he lost about $60 … good times… 🙂

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