Apprentice, The

I just finished watching the “finale,” or whatever that was…

Stefani was ok, but out of the two, my vote would’ve been for James because I admire someone who takes risks and is creative more than an attorney for large corporations. I don’t think it really matters anymore, anyways – the brand is losing its charm pretty quick … was I the only one who thought that all of the “previous winners” looked awfully primped and posed tonight? I think the only bragging rite left from winning The Apprentice is actually winning The Apprentice – other than that, you’re just like any other marketing executive at the top who’s probably getting paid way too much.

But maybe I’m just bitter because Trump’s own project here in Tampa is a joke. (For those who didn’t know, they made the biggest deal a year or two ago about Trump adding one of his “signature skyscrapers” to the Tampa skyline, only to find out later that his crew really has nothing to do with it – they just bought the Trump name. Yeah…)

Man, I’m gonna have to find a new reality show to watch. I wonder what the chances of this new one about making movies being anything like Project Greenlight was … although I’m probably just better off buying the other DVD set and calling it good… 😛

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