And lastly…

These things are absolutely disgusting!!! I suppose that’s what I get for eating jelly beans with flavors such as boogers, grass, vomit, and bacon. Here I just assumed that they’d only have names like that, but actually be flavored like fruit and whatnot.


New plan – I’m soooooo taking these in to fill my candy dish at work next week! I don’t know which will be more interesting – watching people cringe at the flavors, or watching those too polite to say anything squirm in their chairs. “What flavor are those jellybeans, you ask? Oh, I believe the white ones are earwax – how do they taste?”


  1. LOL – uhhhh, the books were “fiction.”

    “Real life” isn’t supposed to have candy that tastes like soap and earthworms, much less sold in Borders! They were mixed in with all the rest of the legitimate candy and everything!!!


  2. …those have been around since the first movie came out, where have you been?

    Of course, one of my best friends works in a candy store… so maybe that’s how I knew of their existence. And I agree, they’re Suck #1 in my book.

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