Disney pictures minus one week

Not sure if you heard, but I had a birthday last weekend!

It was a great time – Sara surprised me Friday afternoon at work and wisked me away to an undisclosed location which later turned out to be Walt Disney World, and Lori was even still in town, so she got to partake in a good portion of the awesome weekend, too. Now I could go on and on and on about every intricate detail of the entire trip, and in fact I am right now to the tune of about five pages so far for a new edition of My Hilarious Travelogue to go on that writing website that’s yet to see the light of day, so instead I thought I’d just post a few random, yet hopefully entertaining photos from the weekend instead…

…ok – a lot of photos…

Proof that she actually made me wear a blindfold so I wouldn’t figure out where we were going!
photo courtesy of lori (autumn_robots)

Not only did Sara order a cake for dinner, but the waitress got the entire restaurant to sing me Happy Birthday!
photo courtesy of lori (autumn_robots)

Nothing like a Mickey waffle for breakfast … except that this is Lori’s and I had pancakes instead.

a nice, serene photo of the river with Expedition Everest in the background

Lori’s best Yeti impression – terrifying, eh?!

looking over the park on the initial climb for Expedition Everest

one of the better Tower of Terror pictures I’ve taken during the day

monorail traveling through Epcot, with reflection

way cool debut of the Muppet Mobile Lab!!!

Chip & Dale’s bitter, rabid cousin

Cinderella Castle, amidst a lot of rain!

Lori quite possibly regreting her insistance of a Filet ‘o Fish dinner

Our hotel seemed infested with frogs, which amused me, but not so much for the girls.

No trip is complete without a visit to Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney for some custom-made desserts!

There were a lot of really cool spiderwebs to see at night between our room and the main pool.

…and also flowers…

Sure, I could’ve done red-eye reduction on this one, but psycho bunny sounds so much cooler!

Proof once again that I came from the stork.

You tend to get some weird looks when the cooks catch you taking photos of them making your breakfast…

Goodbye to Lori…

freaky “monkey” statue @ Mexico pavilion at the World Showcase

At Alfredo’s for lunch, we did, indeed, take the canoli…

a cool Epcot picture with the fountain and Spaceship Earth

I really like this picture of the three of us in front of Main Street Station…

…and the photographer in front of the castle was pretty entertaining, too!

Us with Tinkerbell at the place where I proposed to Sara … we thought it was bizarre to be holding our hands out like that at the time, but it turned out to be one of the coolest Photopass pictures we’ve ever taken!

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