good day (continued)

And to add to an already awesome day, I came home this evening to find a package on my door, despite the fact that I wasn’t really expecting anything. Then I read the mailing label and got very excited…

You see, about two years ago when I first really started going to Disney World again since moving to Florida, I began collecting these really cool panoramic photos of the four theme parks. The guys who do them do an amazing job – they’re famous for a lot of panoramas of city skylines and landmarks that you may have seen in local stores (lots of NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, etc…). This set they did exclusively for Walt Disney World, meaning it was only sold at the resort, which I didn’t think would be that big of a deal until I found myself one print short of a complete set. I had gradually collected the prints for Epcot, MGM Studios, and the Animal Kingdom, but by the time I went to get the print for the Magic Kingdom, everyone was completely sold out. I checked back dozens of times, scoured every single Art of Disney store on property that I could find, and even checked eBay on and off, but nothing.

So long story short, last week I was up rather late and decided in vain to try sending an e-mail to the photographers themselves in hopes that they might be able to help me procure my missing print. They weren’t even offering it on their website, so I kind of figured it was a hopeless effort, but I was soon surprised when I got a reply asking for my address with the simple note, “Let me see what I can do…” Well, a week later I came home to find a copy of the missing print sitting on my doorstep and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have the complete set! Being both a Disney fanatic and a bit of an organizational freak (at least in some aspects), it’s always kind of bothered me to look up on the wall to see the three prints all nice and framed, but without their leader to guide them. And while I’ve come to terms that it would be stupid to make room on the wall to hang it now when we’ll hopefully be moving in less than two weeks, rest assured that this set will be one of the first things to go up in our new home!

If you’re ever finding yourself in need of something to spruce up a wall or even more, the guys of Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas offer an incredible collection of prints to cover just about any genre of interest. Aside from the Disney prints, I also really like their skyline photos and will probably look to get the Tampa one if I happen to get an office with more wall space when we move, but they’ve also got shots of race shots, national parks, lighthouses … even the shuttle taking off! You can get a nice print unframed for twenty-five bucks – I later framed all mine myself and they still look amazing. Needless to say, Walt would be proud…

I am.

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