go go gadget, debt consolidation!

This has been a good week for Sara and I financially! Well, in a manner of speaking, anyways…

First we got a letter from our insurance company stating that the Florida laws had been changed and we would no longer be required to carry PIP, which is a duplicate coverage because we already have health insurance and thus costs us about $20 / month for nothing.

Then we got an e-mail from our landlord asking if we might consider moving out a little early and taking a prorated rent for our last month to make it easier for them to re-rent the apartment. While it’s going to make the next couple of weeks insanely hectic as we scramble to find a place and move ahead of schedule, it’ll save us several hundred bucks in the process!

And finally, I went down to my local bank this morning and was able to consolidate my beast of a credit card with a 30% interest rate into a very sexy 8.25% from Wachovia instead! I won’t say exactly how much is entailed because frankly, it’s a little embarassing and scary all at the same time, but nonetheless the reduction will save a couple of thousand each year in interest alone and actually make paying the damn thing off somewhat of a reality once again! No more Chase … at least not for that card, anyways…

For even more savings, we’re also strongly looking into moving my cell phone over to Sara’s plan with Verizon Wireless, which between the reduced rates of her family plan and the company discount that I get should save yet another $40-50 per month for my phone! This one is pretty much a no brainer, as my phone will only cost $10-15 compared to what it is now, and the only thing that’s holding us back right now is having to pony up the initial cash both for a new Verizon phone and to terminate my Sprint contract early.

Good day!

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