New Week, New Weight Loss Challenge

Ok, so I’ve been very bad lately.

Not exercising, eating large portions, multiple portions, large, multiple, takeout portions – and it needs to stop. Same old blame game – stress, no time, no motivation, laziness … but it’s time to stop before it’s too late because I’m now starting to gain weight again and I reallydon’t want to put on another fifteen or twenty pounds before I catch on and fess up. So I’m going to start somewhat slow and see where it takes me – here are my goals for next week:

  • no eating out at all (this will by far be the most severe because I ate out almost every day last week, sometimes more than once a day)
  • really fight to control cravings & snacking
  • limited soda (diet), mostly water (this should be easy because I’ve only got one can left in the fridge and I have no desire to go back to the store)
  • exercise on two separate occasions for at least an hour
  • no going to bed at 2:30-3:00am (hard because Sara’s working so late, but it’s partially to blame for my crazy schedule and random eating so I need to get back in line)I want to really try to kick up the exercise in October because I have a follow-up doctor’s appointment mid-month and would love to show that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, but I also know that I can’t go into next week thinking that I have to workout three or four times because it just won’t happen right off the bat. I think three’s a possibility if I absolutely make it tomorrow, but baby steps for now.

    Here we go again…

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