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Will the Unpacking EVER End?!
That was supposed to be a primary goal this weekend, but we sorta fell short by … well, a lot. We’re still making progress – the home theater is now setup and the kitchen is almost finished except for a few pictures to hang – but I just want it to be DONE with no half-empty boxes lying around so that I can try to focus on doing something else for a change!

Light Up the Night!
Something else like start setting up Christmas lights!!! I haven’t really been able to decorate since I moved down here four years ago because I’ve always lived in apartment complexes, so I’m really looking forward to being able to put lights up on the house this year. I’ve got to take it somewhat easy, as I used to spend ridiculous amounts of money on lights when decorating Mom’s house and we don’t have the money to blow hundreds of dollars this year, but I think I can still make it look nice without going too overboard! I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to start decorating until after Thanksgiving, so the countdown officially begins…

The Great Ant Invasion of 2007
Yeah, we’re at it again. We moved out of one ant-ridden home and right into another! It’s calmed down considerably since we first moved in – literally, there were dead flies everywhere when we took possession of the home, not to mention the fact that it wasn’t at all uncommon to find little millipedes roaming our carpet throughout the house. The latest pest has been ants – both little fire ants, but worse are these huge, red ants roughly the size of Buicks, but much more menacing. We spent part of yesterday afternoon spraying around the house and also dumping some ant-killer-stuff on as many hills as we could find, so in retalliation they attempted to lay siege to our kitchen last night. Fortunately we returned home just in time to properly fortify and defend our food preparation area, but ultimately this could be a long and devastating war with many casualties…

Operation: Dinner and a Movie
Last night we finally had to get out of the house, so we went into town to have dinner at Bahama Breeze because I had a gift certificate to use up, and it was actually pretty good. I ended up getting some sort of caribbean chicken with an awesome side of sweet potatoes, and despite the noise, I think I’d go back. Afterwards, we took a cruise through my old neck of the woods to pick up birthday cards at Wal-Mart, then went to see Martian Child at the theater … very good movie! The movie instantly had three things that never fail to appeal to me – John Cusack, the main character was a struggling writer, and themes of space. It was a bit sad at some points, but overall I thought quite intellectual and quite good.

On the ride home, we retardedly drove with the top down (in November … cold!) in hopes of seeing part of the meteor shower, but it turns out we were off by a day. Too bad, because that would’ve been really cool to see and Sara’s never seen one. Next time, though…

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