not the best example of “heroes”…

I just came across this horrendous example of self expression and just had to share before I headed off to bed. Cops Writing Cops is a website where peeved law enforcement officials are ranting about being dealt the very same justice that they serve to the rest of us out on our highways every single day. It seems that there’s an unwritten law stating that police officers shouldn’t be held responsible for the laws of the common man, and anyone who doesn’t follow this guideline is a “dick.”

And while this is something that I guess I kind of always knew happened, seeing it written … in horrible grammar and spelling, at that … kinda leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, I had a friend through high school who’s father was fairly high up in the chain of one of the local agencies and she got away with loads of speeding violations – whether it was because of her Dad or because she was a girl, I don’t know – but in comparison to some of the posts on this site, going ten over on the highway is a bit different than expecting to be able to squeak by with a tip of the hat when going 30+ over in a 55 mph zone or getting caught DUI.

I think the most frightening part about it, though, is that point blank – these guys are really pissed, but almost in a teenage emo sort of way! Here they go into surprising detail about the offense, down to giving names and badge numbers and using copious amounts of profanity, and yet the headline for the site preaches “Professional Courtesy” and the atrocities that their fellow brothers are committing by daring to enforce the law across the board. These are times when people are finally starting to learn not to blog overtly personal details or work issues in public forums or give out names and addresses to strangers, and at the same time we’ve got our supposed heroes lambasting each other to the point that you could track them down and give them a piece of your mind, or anything else, if so inspired? The creators of the Dicks of the Month Club are a representation of the maturity that our society has chosen to protect itself by running around the city with loaded guns all day?!

I have a feeling this story is going to turn into a full-fledged Against the Grain… for me because I could just go on and on about the various levels of wrong that are exposed by reading this website. But to wrap this blog up in an attempt to get enough sleep so as to not risk a speeding ticket myself on the way to work tomorrow morning, let me say that with all of the other people who have clearly seen a similar concern about this site, I hope at least one of them has enough free time on their hands to scour some of the badge numbers and officers’ names off of that site to raise a stink and start some investigations within local police stations around the country. I’m sure it can’t be too hard for an officer to flip back through the tickets they’ve issued to find the ones that are calling them dicks and assholes in lieu of “professional courtesy.”

After you look up professional courtesy in ye old police dictionary, guys, you might also want to take a gander at the entry for libel. Or how’s about you just drop the whiney teenager act and start living up to that title of hero, eh?

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