out with the old, in with the vroom!!!

So we kinda replaced my car over the weekend…



She’s probably a little more than we should’ve spent, but she drives like a dream and the pictures hardly do her justice – she really is a beautiful car! Sunday night, we took her for a cruise down the beaches after the paperwork was signed … I think anyone living in Florida should own a convertible at least once!

Also, I think I’m becoming a convertible snob, and really, I’m ok with that. More on that later… 🙂


  1. I drove it. The clutch was sticking really bad, but I could still force it into gear most of the time. We had one scare pulling out of the parking spot where I couldn’t get it back into 1st from reverse, but somehow it went when I shut the car off and shifted. Other than that, I drove in 3rd & 4th gears for about 20 miles on the freeway and it didn’t lock up again until I pulled into the dealership!

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