I haven’t really been doing it.

Well, the other night I did go for a walk and I suppose technically the night is still young tonight, but I’ve gotten really bad since about the beginning of August. The scale claims that I’ve been maintaining where I had gotten to during my last diet/exercise efforts, but I certainly haven’t lost any weight in a long time, which is kind of discouraging. But it’s totally my fault and I know exactly what the problem is – I just haven’t really been trying for the longest time. I blame the usuals – stress, laziness, no drive, no time – but I really need and somewhat want to get back on the horse again, so to speak. It just sucks knowing that I’ll have to go through that whole getting started phase all over again!

House Hunting
So we’re pretty much at a stand-still…again. Our notice to vacate our current living arrangements has officially been turned into the landlord and it’s less than two months before we have to be out, and yet we still haven’t been able to do a single walkthrough because we’re “too far out” for real estate agents to give us the time of day. And I technically understand the concept because all of the current sellers want to get their properties off the market tomorrow so they can start collecting rent, not at the end of October, but that certainly doesn’t help us when we’re trying to make sure we have someplace to live in two months! I love how it’s totally one-sided to benefit the landlord – you have to give us 60-days notice to leave, but we won’t hold a property for more than 20 days if you’re on your way in. October is going to be hell…

Comedy Weekend
Last night Sara and I saw Kevin Nealon perform down at The Improv, which was a whole lot of fun and something I think we both wish we did more often. It’s kinda weird to look back at my life five years ago when I was running Just Laugh and I’d have loved to be able to frequent comedy clubs, if there had been any in Northern Michigan, and now that I’ve got several within a short drive, I hardly ever go. That’ll have to change because we had a great time and it was really cool to see the actor in person who we’ve been watching on Weeds for a year or so now.

Also, it was made abundantly clear how much we don’t go out when Sara didn’t want to go home at 9:00pm because we’d kind of made it an evening out for us, and yet we had no idea where else to go! Of course, it didn’t help that it was a Sunday night and hardly anything was even open…

I’ve been really trying to find the spark here lately … lots of little ones, but it seems never quite enough under one pot to really get things cooking and get me moving again. The same avenues are still there and I’m slowly doing a little something here, then there, but not enough to put online or publish or even get started along the road of making any money, which is frustrating. And it sucks because Sara’s working ridiculous hours right now so I’ve got all the time in the world – pretty much from whenever I get home in the evening (7pm-ish) to whenever I decide to go to bed, at least during the week, so you’d think that I could just take a couple of hours of that time and dedicate it solely to breaking down this creative wall once and for all. That’s always the thought at the beginning of the day, but when I walk through the door ten hours later it seems to be a different story. I’ve gone over what I need to do time and time again – I just need to DO it!

So frustrating…


  1. Yeah, it sucked when Dani and I were trying to find a new apartment. We ended up having to eat rent on two apartments’ worth of rent because we wanted the one we’re in and didn’t want it up on the market for some other shmuck (probably a bum, considering how it looked when we were in for a tour the first time…) getting it.

    But now we’ve got it, and we’re glad we had a month to move… even if we took it right down to the wire. Which we did. Seriously. We were taking the cleaning supplies out when they showed up to do the check-out. But it was worth it! Sweet new place!

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