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September 8, 2007 12:17pm
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A few links that I’ve been collecting over the past weeks…

Kipkay Videos

I was actually pretty impressed with this one – the various videos on his site kept me entertained for more than an hour. Lots of cool science here, referred to as “hacks” because apparently that gets you more links these days, but nonetheless some neat experiments…

Chill a Coke

Laser Flashlight

12-Volt Battery

Off to Iraq

Super Mario Bros Meet Grand Theft Auto

Stewie … “Where’s My Money?!” (Family Guy)
(favorite line – “Yeah, you’ve got money to pay for fake moustaches, eh?!”)

Patrick Norton is My Anti-Drug (ever-reminiscent of The Screen Savers…)

“Disney Cast Members – Dream Makers” (not a dry eye in the house!)

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