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Welcome to fall!

This show has gotten crazy! Maybe it was just too good over the first two seasons, but after that stunning finale last fall, I had my doubts that they’d be able to continue with a storyline worth following and so far, I’ve kinda been right. I mean, it’s just hard to top such a climactic finale like that, and then to have Nancy running errands for the guy who jacked her last season – it’s kind of my same problem with Entourage this season … too serious with not nearly enough humor underneath. Last season may have been intense, but it also had some great lighter moments, too, whereas this one just seems to have U-Turn cussing, “Where’s my money, bitch?!” every five minutes and because he didn’t earn it, I don’t have any respect for that.

And I know that “the real drug world” probably isn’t very “kid friendly,” but this is TV – lighten up a little!

Top Chef
I literally got hooked on this show during a marathon over Labor Day weekend and watched pretty much every episode ever since. There was another one like this on the Food Network that I probably would’ve enjoyed, but just caught the tail end of, but this one has been fun so far, too. They’ve been cooking a lot of stuff that sounds fancy, but still contains things that I’ve heard of – which is one of the primary factors in obtaining my interest when you’re a cooking-type show!

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season premiere was last night and … it was ok. I really enjoyed seeing new Curb after almost two years of hiatus (keep in mind that I didn’t really start watching this show until season 4 was on the air and then proceeded to go through the On Demand offerings like mad…), but it just seemed to lack a little punch compared to other episodes. Then again, a single episode in is just way too early to judge, so I’m still hoping for the best!

The 4400
This is the sci-fi show that Sara got me hooked on last year, but I’m sad to say that I’ve been really disappointed with it overall this season. The plotline has been very dark and borderline creepy as those from the future have been playing a more prominent role in the story, and there’s not a whole lot of discovering new abilities as much anymore as everyone’s just fighting with everyone else, and I can watch that on the news any day of the week. There’s only one more episode left this season and I really hope that it can help reverse some of this to help keep my interest, but I don’t know…

Call it a guilty pleasure, but watching this show I guess kinda makes me appreciate everything that Sara isn’t as far as wedding planning is concerned! I’d love to know what they have to do to pay these people off so they can still use their footage at the end of taping because I don’t see how any of them could have any friends left after this stuff airs! Needless to say, I will not be wearing a crown on my wedding day, nor will Sara subject all of her bridesmaids to trying on a glass slipper prior to her arrival…

I’ve got to say, this hasn’t exactly been the best of seasons as far as I’m concerned. I was certainly glad that Ari came back into the picture because he was a key part of the show, but I also just hate the Billy Walsh character to the point where I really don’t care for him being on the show anymore. The show’s supposed to be a light-hearted Hollywood story that always ends each episode with that cheery, the boys are all together and everything’s alright feeling, but when was the last time Vince had a paying movie? I hope they pick things up next season because struggling to pay bills vs. living the rich, movie star life – it isn’t too hard to guess which most would prefer to watch.

Hogan Knows Best
I just started watching this tonight because, yes, another marathon on TV, but out of all of the horrible VH-1 programming that Lori watched while she was here, at least we can say that Hulk Hogan seems to be a pretty decent guy. Some might know that his family has a house nearby in Clearwater – that would be the place shown on the show before they moved to Miami – and the son has been in the paper a lot recently because he wrapped one of his sports cars around a palm tree. But regardless, we all know that I need just a little reality TV in my life at all times – why not let it be a dude with good morals and the ability to dropkick anyone who doesn’t agree with him?!

Looking forward to…
• The Office
• Dexter
• The Simpsons
• Family Guy

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