analyze this…

So I finally installed Google Analytics on a couple of my sites this evening – namely L7 Comix and Just Laugh – just to see how it does. One of my long-standing concerns about running sites in general is that every single stat program seems to come up with different numbers and in not getting anything to match up, I’ve always wondered about the true performance of my sites.

Anyways, I’d heard cool things about Google’s offering when it first came out, but never put forth the time to even try to get in on the beta, so I’ll be curious to see what kind of traffic it wants to report. At least with L7 Comix, the ads are coming from Google as well, so you would think they should be a pretty good indicator; I might even consider moving Just Laugh over to AdSense eventually, too, if they can show me that it might be worthwhile to switch. Then again, that’s another thing on the ever-so-long list of creative tasks to undertake – rebuild at least parts of Just Laugh so that I can at least make a little money off of the people that still visit for the jokes, despite that the rest of the site hasn’t updated in years.

One thing at a time, there, kid… 🙁

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