a little Disney inspiration…

Less than two weeks until Mom comes to visit and we’ve got a veritable crapload of cleaning to do around this place.

So what do we do instead of dedicating the entire weekend to nothing but sweeping and scrubbing and vacuuming and passing out from the fumes to follow such an intense cleansing session? We book a Saturday night stay over at one of the Disney resorts to go relax once the house is Mom-friendly! The plan kind of expanded from going over on Sunday as a reward if we get all of the cleaning done to let’s bust ass and get it all done Friday and Saturday afternoon and splurge instead.

Sometimes impulse trips are the best way to go, though. A few weekends ago we went over for mini-golf and would’ve stayed on a whim if they had a room available at passholder rates … we even called to check! Oddly enough, the regular rate that they did offer is exactly the same rate that we’re getting this weekend, as it’s currently spring break season and the discounts are on hold until next week, but whatever.

Now to just get through two more days of hardcore cleaning… 😛

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