clearly it’s PAST time for bed!!!

Sara just put on Garfield: The Movie because she won’t be going to bed any time soon, and it’s really bad. Jon isn’t cool. He doesn’t date chicks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Odie had big, floppy ears. They didn’t even get Pooky right!

By the way, I was totally right about Piers taking The Apprentice … because apparently I start to write like a valley girl when I get really sleepy! Nonetheless, it was an interesting season that hopefully I’ll have some time to blog about (along with the rest of my current TV favorites) tomorrow evening.

Until then, here’s to hoping that I dream of the Garfield that *I* grew up with – the one with The Gift That Keeps On Giving and a fond obsession for lasagna (and only lasagna!) instead of this CGI-animated orange blob voiced by Bill Murray. It’s a sad, sad world…

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