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Group Wants Wi-Fi Banned from Public Buildings

This is “interesting,” and by that I mean ridiculous – a group of folks out in Santa Fe want wi-fi banned from the library, court house, etc… because they claim sensitivity to some electric fields and believe that it’s against the Americans with Disabilities Act to offer these services because it effectively keeps them out of such areas. Funny how they weren’t able to provide supporting evidence from actual doctors that this is even a legitimate medicial issue – I was only able to find a few brief sites via Google that even spoke of such a thing and most of those were European-based articles claiming this to be a great conspiracy “that the medical community doesn’t want to acknowledge,” so I’m picturing tin-foil hats and long nights spent out in the desert all around…

Either way, something like this might keep a small town here or there from setting up government-funded wi-fi spots (which is still a shame), but good luck getting any of the paid guys to shut down their cash cows … exponentially so for cell phone traffic, as apparently these folks are touchy to that, too. Good luck prying that Blackberry from the ear of the on-the-go, SUV-driving Mama who’s juggling soccer practice, ballet recitals, and Pedro the Pool Boy!

At least the quote from the City Councilor gives a good indication of where they stand – “It’s not 1692, it’s 2008 – Santa Fe needs to embrace this technology, it’s not going away.”

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