three-day weekend recap

The Good News: I think I might be just about over the horrendous cold that showed up last Wednesday morning.
The Bad News: That’s pretty much all that I managed to accomplish this weekend.

I guess it just frustrates me because my June 1st deadline is now less than a week away and I had really hoped to make some significant strides over the three-day weekend, but at the same time, I certainly didn’t ask to get sick and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. I did make a ridiculous amount of progress last week during our flights to and back from New York, so that helps me feel a little better, but I am starting to think that mid-June might now be a more reasonable timeframe … at least for everything that I was trying to pull off. I’ve got a bunch of non-secret-project things that need to get done in the near future, too, namely wedding-related stuff like sending out invitations and getting the website ready to take RSVPs, so I suppose a few smaller successes here and there over the next three weeks might work ok, too…

Official Wedding-Planning Update
Wedding bands have been purchased as of Saturday afternoon, although I had to work for it a bit when they tried to jerk us around on the costs for getting Sara’s in the right size. I think I’m going to be pretty happy with my own selection – it was down to two, but one just seemed really bulky and heavy, despite “looking very masculine on my hand,” according to the salesgirl. Riiiight. Anyways, we also met a videographer that day, who I’m guessing we’ll probably end up going with even though we haven’t gone over the budget for the umpteenth time to check just yet. And last night we both spent some time working on various parts of getting the invitations ready to send out – no spoilers, but creatively speaking they look pretty cool!

Take a Look – It’s in a Book!
Finally cracked open the copy of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture late Sunday night to get a taste of how it turned out, which was sort of a mistake because I ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting! Such an inspirational and motivating story – if a guy on his death bed can have such a happy outlook on life, you kind of wonder how the rest of us get off being so glum and pissy all of the time! The latest updates on his blog show that he’s still fighting strong — it’s really just an amazing story.

Twitter? Why???
I’m not entirely sure yet, myself … still trying to decide if it’s something that I want to take the plunge into or not, but in the meantime – I currently have the updates to my phone turned off and I’m not really following anybody yet, but let me know if anybody out there in LJ land actively uses this thing! It seems like a neat idea, although I can see it very quickly eating through my meager 500 off-network text messages per month by following just a couple of friends! Still, I like the idea of being able to post to something from my phone (I know that you can post to LJ via e-mail, too, but the character limits on my phone make it kinda pointless for a wordy guy like myself!) and it might be a neat text-only replacement for my MIA MoBlog. We’ll see…

(…just promise that you’ll stop me if it ever gets this bad…)

More Car Crap Next Week
Errr, this week, as it were. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I need to get my car back to the dealership so that they can continue The Great Leaky Floor Investigations of 2007/2008. It’s not this particular dealer’s fault, but this really pisses me off because we took the car in last summer when we first bought it and it was under factory warranty, but they couldn’t find any problems despite a huge puddle of water on the passenger-side floor. Now we’re still dealing with it and we want to get it fixed before summer kicks into full swing because it tends to get worse when it’s hotter outside … problem is, now we’re under the crappy extended warranty that we bought which comes with a $200 deductible and the fact that they want to reimburse us for everything rather than pay the bills directly themselves. My big problem, though, is going to start with simply getting the car there because they won’t just give me a rental right off the bat – the warranty company has to authorize one after a work order has been opened by the dealer, meaning they want me to drop the car off and then give me a ride home, then have me wait around at home until the warranty company is ready to contact Enterprise or whoever to issue me the rental … at my expense, until this is all over, of course. Problem is, my ass has to be at work tomorrow morning, and especially between Memorial Day, missing a day last week, and not being completely with it the rest of the week because I was sick, I’ve just got way too much work to catch up on to sit around playing car tag all morning…

I’m still not sure if I’m even going to do it tomorrow now, even though we really need to at least get the ball rolling on it. Now I’m mad and I kinda wish I hadn’t even brought it up!

And Last But Not Least … Guitar Hero: Aerosmith?!?!?!?!
This changes everything! Lori, it’s your job as my official Guitar Hero Advocate to keep me in the loop on these sorts of things! Who knew I still had a chance to rock out with Steven and the boys?!


  1. Ummmm, okay. Suggest this to the car place. I was getting puddles too and had to take it into the Toyota place. There’s like a little plastic hose that collects condensation or water or something from the air conditioner (which I’m guessing you guys use, being in the swamp), and it came unattached, causing my passenger side to get wet and puddley. It took them like five seconds to fix it. Has that been suggested yet as a cause? If not, maybe bring it up.

  2. Sadly that was one of the first things they’ve looked at both times I brought it in. I think at this point we’ve checked nearly every possible place where liquid of any sort could leak anywhere, which leaves only the obvious: we’re dealing with magic water here.

    Amusingly enough, a week after this post, I still haven’t gotten around to getting the car back to them, and they haven’t even called to follow-up, which shows just how eager they are to get this rubix cube back in their shop…

  3. They’ve got Guitar Hero on the Wii now, don’t they? I doubt by the wedding, but we’re probably going to pick a Wii up for Christmas this year if we’re not completely bankrupt by then.

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