Scott Ill

I should be in bed right now, but after four hours of sleep immediately upon returning home from work, I felt the need to be at least somewhat “productive” for a little while tonight. So I spent some time adding a couple hundred more photos to the old gallery, mostly more Disney photos for my albums dedicated to each area. Thankfully, it looks like I’m finally almost done now – all four theme parks are populated, I added a couple of albums for personal favorites, and there are just a few other random things left that with any luck I might get thrown up later on this weekend…

…but speaking of throwing up, man, have the last couple of days really kicked my ass. Late Tuesday night, my throat started getting a little hoarse, but I thought nothing of it, only to wake up Wednesday morning coughing and sniffling with the cold from hell. Just before leaving for work, I had some issues with the medicine that I tried to take and ended up crawling back into bed and calling it a day at roughly 9:00am. I managed to drag myself in yesterday and be somewhat productive, but today was really rough. I don’t know quite how many millions of tissues I went through, but if I had to recommend a stock to invest in, Kleenex would certainly be right up there at the top! And it didn’t help that the new medicine that I had picked up didn’t even cover runny noses, only sore throats, so mid-day I went out exploring for either a better medicinal solution or at least somebody willing to just knock me unconscious for the rest of the afternoon. Fortunately, being the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and all, a lot of people didn’t even come in at all and most who did cleared out after lunch, so at least it was quiet and I could sneeze and cough in my cubicle in peace.

So at least now my throat is feeling mostly better, in that it doesn’t hurt to breathe anymore, but my nose still drips like a sieve pretty much constantly. Tomorrow we have some running around to do to meet with another prospective videographer for the wedding, then look at wedding bands, so it should be an “interesting” day.

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